Giving Back to Help Others

How The Fitness Movement works with local charities in Brighton

When we started The Fitness Movement, one of the things we were most passionate about was developing a sense of community for our learners and staff, and within the Brighton, Hove & wider Sussex region.

One of the biggest challenges facing society today is homelessness.  Research from the charity Shelter shows that over 320,000 people are currently homeless and this figure is growing at an alarming rate.

We LOVE Brighton: the seaside, the people and the city are great. However, you only have to take a stroll around to see how serious the issue of homelessness is.

With this in mind and a strong desire to help, we realised that we have the skills and facilities to be able to help. As such, we have decided to offer fully-funded level 2 Gym Instructor courses to young homeless individuals who are looking to get into work and have a passion for our wonderful industry. We also have an abundance of knowledge and connections in fitness within the local area, so once qualified we will then help mentor these learners into employment.

To do this, we are working closely with local charity, The Clock Tower Sanctuary, to help enrol young people onto our course.

We realise this is only part of a solution to a much bigger issue, but it is something we are extremely proud of and happy to be able to provide.

In sum, any time you buy a course through The Fitness Movement, you are not only getting a fully-certified fitness course and setting yourself up for a great career, but also helping us to give back and make a difference to someone who may really need it.

For that, we thank you.

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